Interactive Club 2015

On the 22nd of January 2015 interactive club was formed at our School. We are seven five girls and two boys. Interactive club is all about giving and sharing. We deal with children and adults who are experiencing or who are in bad situations for example Aids awareness, taking care of our elderly and in general sharing and caring through community service. We have writers, poet’s even performers. We advise many people who needs advice and most of all we help them.

In this club we believe everything is possible with God and it feels good when we help others. Our motto is “Service above Self.” Through words we comfort others, we advise them take good decisions in their lives.

We entered for the president’s awards. Mr Brad Maili visited us once we did a little presentation for him and we told him more about our club. We are entering for the bronze award and we are looking forward to complete the activities. We are ready and steady because it’s part of our dreams to experience new things in our lives. Our leader is Mrs Jolande Swartz the best tutor and the leader that anybody could ask for. She is the reason for us to be confident to follow our dreams the president’s awards also allows us to follow our hearts and dreams and to fulfill them fully.

Interactive club is the legacy for all the dreamers and all the believers and for those who want to follow their talents. If we can make it as our club and as one, you too out there could make it big in your own lives. Interactive club is helping our members to be really us.

By:Vuyolwethu Mekile Grade 11