In line with Calabar Foundation, to ensure literacy attainment towards development of mission education, improved quality and quantity of reading and writing amongst high school learners in the Eastern Cape especially the less privileged schools. Sifunda Kunye Literacy Project (SKLP) organised a 3 day workshop also known as the learner writing camp for 69 participants/ learners from 5 partner schools (grade 8 and 9) on providing a sustainable access to the arts and developing a unique platform of creative expression for young people.

The workshop which took place at Richard Varha High School in Dimbaza from the 24th -26th of April 2015, is part of the efforts of Sifunda Kunye (SK) to develop further the culture of reading and writing amongst children through reading and writing activities and to develop creativity and initiative in high school learners with a sense of outreach to their communities.

The process of the workshops engaged the service of three (3) SK facilitators and four (4) facilitators from outside on voluntary basis, as lead facilitators, who made the various sessions of the training workshops interesting, interactive, educative and participatory.

The theme introduced during the process in no little cut across the issues on freedom and how young people view it, as well as responsibilities that come with it. Also defining young people’s role around Xenophobia in their communities as well as in South Africa as a whole. At the end participants were made to demonstrate how and what freedom meant to them. To show their responsibilities in building a successful and economically stable country. Some chose to write it up on poems, some created fictional stories that tackled real life issues and some acted it out on drama performances.