Xolani interact club pupils successfully completed their Bronze hike on the weekend of the 19th and 22nd of June 2015. We started our walk on Friday the 19th at Nahoon beach in East London walked 10 km. The following morning at 5 am we started our second part of our hike and we walked 14 km on a farm and truly experienced nature first hand. We in total walked 24 km in total, symbolising 24 hours spend doing community service. We learned to trust, support and encourage each other and most of all we learned that team work is important.

We had a lovely and unforgettable time. We would like to thank Sifunda Kunye for sponsoring our weekend, and thank you to The President Awards for empowering all youth that are part of this non-competitive, flexible programme and generally for all support received, being part of the President Awards are truly a life changing experience.