# writing camp 2018 – themes – my culture my pride and Imimoya Spirits (The calling)

Writing Camp Empowers Learners

Sifunda Kunye Educational Project hosted their annual writing camp this term. Sifunda Kunye would like to thank Xolani SSS learners, Xolani Facilitators and teachers for making this a successful camp.

It is heartwarming to see such creative inspiring learners together, Sifunda Kunye Educational project hosts a writing opportunity for their partner school, where creative, inspiring future writers come together.

Sifunda Kunye facilitators from our school had this to say—writing camp 2018:

We felt part of a family during the camp, being part of rising poets and writers of tomorrow. May the spirit of writing live forever.

Stories and poems will soon be the language of tomorrow, so we better get ready.

Love live the spirit of writing.

Sifunda Kunye invites 10 to 15 learners from each of its partner schools in the King William’s Town District and Grahamstown district participate in these camps. Learners from St. Matthew’s, Xolani, Richard Varha, Toise and Hendrik Kanise combined Schools spent an intense 3 days (Friday-Sunday) focusing on a specific theme, completing personal works, and submitting them for peer critique. This session’s theme was “Dreams are made of…” and learners were encouraged to express what dreams and ambitions means to them in essays, poems, and group discussions and drama. Participants received guidance from a talented group of volunteer facilitators, student leaders, and the Sifunda Kunye staff. .” Participants submit their work for inclusion into a published student journal at the end of the camp. The journal is a unique opportunity for many to see their work in print.

Learners and teachers are continually impressed with the writing camps. Participants relish the opportunity to engage in an in-depth weekend of imaginative learning. They enjoy improving their language and writing skills in a fun and creative venue outside of the classroom. Teacher’s enjoy witnessing the progress these young writers make over the course of a weekend.

The Sifunda Kunye Literacy Project’s writing camps have been successfully running since they first launched in August 2014.. Sifunda Kunye is a non-profit that relies on donations and grants to support its literacy and technology programs in Eastern Cape schools.