2 December 2018 – 7 December 2018 learners from Xolani SSS and St Matthews took part on Adventurous journey at Away with the fairies Hogback. They had to complete 80Km in 4 days and 3 night. Participants was given resources to make their tents and food that will have to last them 4 days. Day 1 they hiked to Five Waterfalls. Every waterfall had a different aura with it. From Swallowtail to 39 Steps, every one of them had history and somewhat every girl had a connection with a Waterfall. Then km for day 1 were 21 Km everyone was tired after the hiking but it wasn’t just hiking we all learnt new things from the Hogsback history like the Big tree which lived for over 800 years or more and all about the mountains the Amatole mountains. The nature, original of what surrounded us was too magical to be true. Every step unlocked a new person that you never thought existed.

Day 2 we hiked from the campsite to PlaatjieKraal we hiked through the forest were surrounded by nature it was beautiful it was the first time for all of us to walk at the forest together it was an experience of a lifetime. They managed to walk 36Km without even noticing. They were not as tired as the first day.

Day3 They hiked from the camping site to Hobbiton they had a great socializing with the community members. They saw how creative and artful the community was from creating beautiful animals from dough to using branches and they created beautiful walking sticks with colorfully decorated animals. They walked 12 Km it was a quick hike it was accompanied by singing and dancing.

Day4 the last day of the hiking the girls walked from the camping site to the St Patrick’s Chapel they finished their hiking with a spiritual and emotional way. It was because of God would that we were able to finish the hiking God helped us. As they did the Prayer walk, they reflected on themselves on how the journey that brought them here.

by Kuma Kula Grade 10