Well done to the class of 2020

Breakdown of our results, Although we we hoping for better results, The class of 2020 faced larger than life challenges and we know that where life would take you, you will make a success of you future no matter what the outcome of this results was. May God bless the class of 2020.


Number wrote 115.

Total passed 67,

Total failed 48.

Bachelors 22,

Diploma 27

Higher certificate 18.


Top achieving learners Grade 12 2020

Mjikwa Sandiswa 6 level  7s including level 7 in PhSc. Jipu Siyamamkele

5 level 7s, 1level 6 in Physical Sciences.

Mkhenkcele Sisipho 4 level 7s, 2 level 6s and 1 level 5;

Mkhenkcele Sesethu 3 level 7s, 3 level 6s and 1 level 5